What settings for using ImperiHome on a Wall tablet ?

If you use ImperiHome on a wall tablet, and the app is running 24/7, there are a few things to keep in minde while setting the preferences of the app and the systems :

  • Do not forget to set the "Local WiFi SSID" in the app preferences. This allows the app to know if it is on the local network or not.
  • Set the connection mode for your systems to "Force local" : this way, the app will always request your home automation units on the local network. (Of course, this only applies to systems that allow local and remote connection, such as Vera and others).
  • If using Vera
    • Disable the "Automatic fallback" option. This option forces the app to try to reach the Vera through Vera cloud server if there are 3 errors reaching it on the local network. This is ofter counter-productive in a standard installation, as it can happen that the Vera is unavailable for a few seconds (when it reloads for example) without the need to definitively fallback to remote mode.
    • Disable the "Autodetect vera conf changes" unless you really need it.
  • Depending on your tablet model and OS version, you may also want to fine-tune the Wireless network settings of the tablet itself to improve WiFi stability.
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