What are the minimum Android requirements?

For ImperiHome to work properly, your device (smartphone or tablet) must meet the following requirements:

  • Android version: 4.0.3 minimum.
  • Google Play Store compatibility : Play Store is the only android store where imperihome is available
  • Memory: ImperiHome has been successfully tested with 512MB. However, we strongly recommend 1GB especially when custom icons and IP cameras are used
  • Screen size/resolution: It depends on your needs and the way you’ll use ImperiHome (dedicated wall-mounted tablet for instance). Just keep in mind that a high resolution screen requires more memory and a more powerful processor. So, be careful at low-cost tablets with large screen and resolution
  • Front camera: Needed for the camera wake-up feature. No need for high resolution though.
  • Multi-User: ImperiHome must be installed with the "owner" account of the tablet


Important information: 

Please note that we don't officially support rooted devices and custom ROM installations. Thank you for your understanding.

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