What Android permissions does ImperiHome require ?

Permissions required by ImperiHome are the following :

  • Internet access : This is of course to be able to access your home automation systems configured in ImperiHome
  • Network state and Wifi state : This is useful for ImperiHome to determine if you are currently on your home network or ouside. ImperiHome automatically adapts its behaviour and features to this
  • NFC : This is to be able to read and write NFC tags
  • Vibrate : Some actions in ImperiHome are notified by a short vibration (NFC tag reading for example)
  • Shortcut installing : This is to be able to create shortcuts/widgets on the android launcher
  • Boot Completed : This is to be able to auto-launch ImperiHome at boot if you want to (useful for dedicated wall-mounted tablets for example)
  • Multicast communication : Multicast is used for discovery of some systems on the local network
  • Write External Storage : This is to be able to export ImperiHome configuration and preferences on SD card
  • Camera : This is to be able to use the Camera wake-up feature
  • Wake-Lock : This is to be able to wake-up the device from sleep (when the API is called for example)
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