How does import/export configuration feature work?

It is first important to note that this feature in only available in the Pro version of ImperiHome.
Two phases:

  • Export: On the source device, in the general preferences of the application, click on “Export configuration”. Choose what to export (everything by default) and then the method to send the file (e-mail, gmail, google drive …)
  • Import: On the destination device, first ensure that ImperiHome Pro is also installed. Then, retrieve the configuration file sent during the export and just open it. ImperiHome will start automatically and will ask you to confirm and to choose what to import.

Simple as that!

NB : If your export file does not open in ImperiHome when you try to re-import it, then try to open with the free third party app free "ES File explorer" :

  • Start ES File Explorer
  • File the export JSON file and tap on it
  • In the "Open as" popup, select "Other"
  • And in the next popup, select "ImperiHome Conf Import"


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