How to configure my IP Camera ?

ImperiHome is able to integrate IP cameras. This page is intended to give you a comprehensive guide on how to do it.

Which cameras are supported?

Currently, ImperiHome does only support cameras which can stream a MJPEG flow or JPEG screenshots.
MPEG4/H264 streams (rtsp) are tentatively supported and without any authentication.

Configuration steps

First, go to the parameters of ImperiHome, and add a new system.
In the system’s type selection popup, choose MJPEG IP Camera.

In the first wizard screen, you will give a name to the camera. This name will be the one used to identify this camera in ImperiHome.
Then, if your camera is protected by a login/password, you will enter then in this step.

In the second screen, you will specify the exact URLs to access both the MJPEG and JPEG streams of your camera when located on the same network as the camera itself. Typically, you will specify its local IP address. The exact format of the URLs will be explained below.

The third screen is like the previous one but for the remote access, i.e. when you’re outside your local network. Typically, you will specify its a dynamic DNS name. The exact format of the URLs will be explained below.

URLs format

Each of the URL you’ll need to enter in the different configuration steps must be constructed this way:



  • protocol : can be http or https
  • address : the IP address of the camera (for local access) or its dyncamic DNS name (for remote access). If you camera is on a port different from 80, add it with a preceded by a colon (:).
  • action : this part is the most difficult one as it depends on the action itself (MJPEG or JPEG) but also on the camera vendor. Each constructor defines its own actions and, unfortunately, we do not know all of them. So, the best is to refer to the documentation of your camera or to search in Google by using this search pattern: “camera url manufacturer

Some URLs examples:

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you still experience issues configuring your IP camera.


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