Automatic wake-up using front camera

If you device is equipped with a front camera, you can use it to automatically wake-up the device when a move is detected.

This feature is only available in dashboard view.

Several options for this feature are available in the Dashboard view preferences:

  • Wake-up with camera: to activate or not the feature
  • Camera wake-up threshold: the "importance of the move" that has to be detected to wak-up the device (represented in number of pixels that should change)
  • Camera wake-up debug mode: to help you defining proper value for above property. Can also help to debug if the wake-up does not work

WARNING: this feature is highly dependent on the device. As such, we can not guarantee it will work with all tablets.

Moreover, the number of Android tablets available on the market being huge, we can not provide an exhaustive list of compatible devices.
Still, here are some working and not-working devices that our users have communicated:

Known compatible devices according to our user feedbacks

  • Acer Iconia One
  • Amazon Fire 7" (5th Generation
  • Archos Arnova 7HG3
  • Asus MemoPad ME301T
  • Asus TF101
  • DSlide
  • Google Nexus 7 2013
  • IT Works TM704
  • Samsung/Google Nexus 10
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  • Storex ezeetab 804 (Threshold = 33876)
  • Yarvik TAB07-100 Luna

Known incompatible devices according to our user feedbacks

  • Arnova 101 G4
  • Storex eZee'Tab707
  • Tesco Hudl2

Please help us to improve those lists by commenting this article and by mentioning if the automatic wake-up works with your device.

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    Jeff Cr Thompson

    The alternative method with "motion detector" works fine on the Hudl2, though :-)

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    Richard Phillips

    FWIW Works fine with a Lenovo E7 seven inch tablet. The important thing to note is that you may need to go into permissions for the app and grant it access to the camera - before I did that I could jump around in front of the tablet waving my hands like a windmill with no response. The app on installation didn't ask for permission to access to the camera. I wonder if those having issues have a version of android that locks down the app - my Lenovo is running Oreo (specifically Android 8.1.0). Perhaps those who are fine without having to muck around with permissions may be running Android 5.0 or older?

    TLDR - if the motion detection isn't working for you, go into settings on your device and make sure that the imperihome app has access to the camera. 

    Edited by Richard Phillips
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    Nicolas Trinh

    It is working fine with my Google Nexus 7 2013 (16GB) with default sensibility.
    The same problem as Mikaël: when using another application and then coming back to Imperihome automatic wake-up doesn't work anymore.
    I have to close Imperihome and start it again (but I don't have to reboot the tablet).

  • 0
    Jeff Cr Thompson

    Archos Arnova 7HG3, camera wake works fine

    Amazon Fire 7" (5th Generation), camera wake works fine

    Acer Iconia One, camera wake works fine

    Tesco Hudl2, wake up doesn't work at all.


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    Mikaël DEFUDE

    It works because I use automatic start of Imperihome. If i leave Imperihome and start it again then it doesn't work.
    It work only if I don't leave Imperihome. If I leave Imperihome to use another application and then start again Imperihome then it doesn't work anymore.
    I have to restart and wait for automatic start of Imperihome and then it works again.

  • 0
    Mikaël DEFUDE

    For me it works with Arnova 101 G4. Tested with sensibility at 1000 and also with 2000

  • 0
    Sebastien QUESNE

    I have a problem to make it works on an Acer Iconia One B3-A40FHD.

    Will try again today

  • 0

    Works with old HTC Rezound phones.

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