How does Android Wear integration work ?

ImperiHome features Android Wear integration.

Using an Android Wear powered device and ImperiHome, you are able to control your home automation system using voice commands.

That's simple : all voice commands available in the standard ImperiHome are also available from your Android Wear watch. How ? :

- Say "OK Google"

- Then "Start home automation" (or "Démarrer domotique" in french). This will start the ImperiHome voice recognition on your watch.

- Say one of the ImperiHome voice commands and... you're set !

The list of available voice commands can be found here :


Is there a way of saying a single command, skipping the "Start Home Automation" step ?

Yes, but that's a kind of workaround : you can register ImperiHome as your preferred 'note' app on Android Wear, so that it handles the "Take a note" ("prendre une note" in french) command.

This way, you just have to say, for example "Ok Google... take a note, turn on outside lamp" and that will perform the action. The drawback is that you won't be able to take real notes.

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