Alternative front camera wake-up method


As already said in this article, the camera wake-up feature can have a quite erratic behavior with some devices and some Android version.

Here is an alternative method to achieve quite the same result, using 1 great third party app :

Here is how to use them :

1 - Turn OFF the 'Wakeup with camera' option in ImperiHome :

Preferences => Dashboards settings => Wake up with camera : Disabled


2 - Install & Configure Motion Detector

Install from this link

Launch the app
- go to the settings and set it to look at the front camera :

- back to the app, enable the "SEND" switch from the Notification section :

- And tap the Detector button to enable the motion detection :

You're set !

When in dashboard screensaver mode, your phone/tablet will wake-up as soon as it detects motion with the front camera.

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    Patrice Lesec

    What do you mean "When in Dashboard screen saver mode"  ? 

    I have motion detector working well , send notification enabled . Then I switch to dashboard view but I cannot wake up the device .


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    Eric Townsend

    Same here!  Did you managed to figure it out?

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    I think "When in dashboard screensaver mode" means that the setting "Screensaver Delay" in Dashboard view preferences should not be set to "No Standby".

    If that setting is set to a number of seconds instead then that allows Imperihome to override the Android sleep setting to prevent the tablet sleeping / screen actually turning off.

    What you then get is the Imperihome screensaver instead, which is a black screen with the back light still on all the time.

    I have tried the native Imperihome setting " Wake up with camera" and I also just tried the motion detector app. Both options only work and so call "wake" the tablet when Imperihome is set to use the dashboard screensaver mode I.e. the black screen with the back light on.

    I do NOT want this, I would like to set the screensaver delay setting to "No Standby" which allows Android to fully turn off the screen.

    But when I set it that way Imperihome or the third party app do not wake / turn back on the screen. 

    I've had two tablets die on me already, for leaving the screens on all the time just with the Imperihome screensaver active.

    This is my biggest problem with Imperihome other than that it is a great app!

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    Eric Townsend

    Indeed! i get what you're saying.  The "wake with camera" works on my tablet but my problem is i have a ceiling fan that is on most the times and it's in view of the camera so imperihome wakes up as soon as it goes to sleep.  I may just try the alternate-alternate method posted at MCV forum that uses tasker and other apps.

    Thanks for your input. 

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