Alternative front camera wake-up method


As already said in this article, the camera wake-up feature can have a quite erratic behavior with some devices and some Android version.

Here is an alternative method to achieve quite the same result, using 1 great third party app :

Here is how to use them :

1 - Turn OFF the 'Wakeup with camera' option in ImperiHome :

Preferences => Dashboards settings => Wake up with camera : Disabled


2 - Install & Configure Motion Detector

Install from this link

Launch the app
- go to the settings and set it to look at the front camera :

- back to the app, enable the "SEND" switch from the Notification section :

- And tap the Detector button to enable the motion detection :

You're set !

When in dashboard screensaver mode, your phone/tablet will wake-up as soon as it detects motion with the front camera.

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