How to install the MIOS Vera Plugin ?

The Vera plugin is totally optional and allows your to control some aspects of ImperiHome directly from your Vera system and scenes.

This is particularly useful for wall mounted tablets or screens dedicated to smart home control. Here is what you are able to control with it :

  • Change dashboard page
  • Launch voice recognition command
  • Say a text on the device using voice synthesis (TTS)


Here are the pre-requisites :

  • An android device with ImperiHome PRO installed
  • The android device has to be on the local network, and you have to know its IP address (which should be fixed)


Device configuration

It is recommended to set a fixed IP address for your android device, as the plugin will remember its IP address for further actions.

To get your current android IP Adress, got to your android settings, then "About", then "Status", you'll find your ip address here :



ImperiHome configuration

For the plugin to work, you have to enable the HTTP API on ImperiHome. For this, go into the Settings of the app, then "General Preferences", and enable the API HTTP Server as shown :

Then get back to ImperiHome but let it launched on your tablet.


Vera Plugin installation

Install the plugin like most plugins, from the MIOS App Portal :

  • Click on the "Apps" tab in Vera's web interface
  • Click on the "Install Apps" sub-tab
  • Search for the "ImperiHome" plugin
  • Click "Install"

The plugin will install, your Vera reload, and an ImperiHome device will be created in your "No-Room" room.

Reload your webpage (F5 with your browser)

You should see the new ImperiHome device :


Click on the wrench icon to open the configuration popup. Go into the "Advanced" tab and look down for the IP Address variable, and replace "unknown" by the IP address of your android device hosting ImperiHome. In UI5 :

For UI5 : Close the popup and click the red "Save" button in the upper right corner of your Vera UI. Wait for the vera to reload.

If you use UI7 firmware, the screen is located in the "Advanced" section of your device, and then in the "Variables" tab. It will look like the image below. After having filled the values, click outside the editable fields, wait a second and then reload luup engine (vera will 'reboot). 

When done, reload the UI in your browser again (F5). You should see the ImperiHome device in the Vera UI showing the model of your android device : that means all is okay !


How to use :


You can control ImperiHome from the device's Control tab :


But more useful : you can use these commands in your scenes :




For those wanting to integrate luup code, here are sample code for the 3 actions :

luup.call_action("urn:imperihome-com:serviceId:ImperiHomeDevice1", "SayTTS", {Text = "text to say"}, DEVICEID);

luup.call_action("urn:imperihome-com:serviceId:ImperiHomeDevice1", "GotoDashPage", { PageIndex = "0" },DEVICEID);

luup.call_action("urn:imperihome-com:serviceId:ImperiHomeDevice1", "LaunchVoiceReco", 0,DEVICEID); 


Enjoy !


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