Can I perform actions from Tasker ?

Starting from the 2.0.10, ImperiHome PRO features Tasker Integration.

Actions are quite limited for now, but others will come. Here are the actions you are able to control from Tasker :

  • A scene launch
  • A voice recognition command

Please note that Tasker Integration is only available in ImperiHome PRO.


How to ?

You can include ImperiHome actions in Tasker tasks. For that, go to your Tasker task; and add a new action. In the popup select "Plugin" :


And the select ImperiHome :


Then, touch the configuration icon in tasker :

You'll be redirected to ImperiHome's action conf :

where you can select what action type you want to perform, and optional parameters. Once done, hit the 'back' key to get back to Tasker. Your action is set !

Hit back again to go back to the 'Task' screen where you can test it using the play button in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Enjoy !



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  • 1
    Ryan McFadden

    Can you reupload the photos please?

  • 0
    Madhvi Sharma

    I am using tasker pluging to send tts to the tablet installed imperihome using autovera but when i send text it says plus where there is space between texts. Any ideas

  • 1
    agustiar agus

    Could you please integrate the action button to triggered or change status of devices? It is more useful than controlling the scene.

  • 0
    Ilias Bennani

    I am interested in this feature:

    Edit a "my text" card from Tasker so I can populate that card with text and variables from within Tasker. 

    It would also be nice if I can format the text, such as setting the font, font size, text color, Icon etc. 

    Now, since Tasker can retrieve and manipulate Json-objects (using the plugin AutoTools), I can fill the text card with any info available out there. 

    Edited by Ilias Bennani
  • 0
    Steve Vermeulen

    Hi, any update on the question of agustiar agus? Do you plan to add more tasker functionality in the future?

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