How can I join ImperiHome Android BETA testing program?


Starting in July 2014, we created a permanent BETA testing program allowing people to access latest available version before its official releasing.



To access the BETA program, just sign-up here :

Then, you'll receive en e-mail with explanations on how to enroll.


Important notes

  • Note that, at any time, you can decide to opt-out by clicking on the same link you received by e-mail
  • The BETA version does not unlock pro features of the app. Should you want to get the pro features, you'll still need to buy the pro version.
  • BETA versions are ... BETA :-) It means that they can contain bugs on new features (obviously) but may also contain regressions on released features.


How to report issue on BETA version?

Indeed, this is the main reason of a BETA program! :)

To send feedback on a beta version, you can create a support ticket here or from the app itself or by email : [email protected] .


Thank you for your help!

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