What differences between iOS and Android versions ?

ImperiHome for Android and for iOS have the same core features, however, there are some differences in term of appearance and features. Sometimes this is because of platform limitations, and sometimes because it has not been implemented yet. Here is a summary :


General features :

  • ImperiHome for iOS does not support NFC tags
  • ImperiHome for iOS only has only 2 single visual theme ('light' and "dark" themes)
  • The REST control API is not available in ImperiHome iOS.


Dashboards :

Dashboard view is available in both android and iOS versions. However :

  • Widget moving from one place to another is only available in ImperiHome Android. In the iOS version, you'll have to delete a widget and re-create it in its new placeholder.
  • You can't set a custom image as widget background yet on iOS : only color customization is possible.
  • Standby and camera wake-up are not available in ImperiHome iOS
  • Page layout change is not yet possible in ImperiHome iOS
  • Charts widgets are not available on iOS (however you can see charts by touching the standard sensor widget on iOS)


Supported Systems :

Most of the smarthome systems supported in ImperiHome Android are also supported in the iOS version. Here are the differences :

  • RTSP/h264 IP Cameras are partially supported on ImperiHome Android, but only JPEG/MJPEG IP Cameras work on ImperiHome iOS
  • Koubachi and LightManager product line is not supported in ImperiHome iOS
  • ZiBase only works in remote mode in ImperiHome iOS right now.



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