How can I send debug logs to ImperiHome Support ?

ImperiHome comes with a troubleshooting helper function that we called “send debug log”.

When you have a problem with the app and contact us, we may ask you to send us your debug logs, to help troubleshooting your problem efficiently.

Here are the steps to send them to us :


1 – Launch ImperiHome as usual

2 – Reproduce the problem you are facing (which can be an error message or anything)

3 – Go to the app's left main menu, then ‘About’

4 – At the bottom of the screen, touch the “Send debug logs” (a warning message should show up : touch OK)


5 – The app will exit : this is normal. 

6 – Start ImperiHome again. The debug logs will be sent in the background.

7 – Debug ID

If you are communicating with the ImperiHome Support by e-mail, you can indicate the “Debug ID” that will help us finding your logs in our systems. The DebugID is a random value generated on the first application start. You can find just next to the send debug button :

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