How to configure my Kodi (or XBMC) media center ?

Since march 2016, ImperiHome allows control of Kodi home theater software (formerly known as XBMC).

To be able to configure Kodi Media Center, you first have to enable the corresponding services in Kodi :

  • In Kodi, go to the System => Settings menu
  • Then, select the "Services" sub-menu
  • Then, in the "UPnP / DLNA" tab, enable the "Allow remote control via UPnP" option :

  • Then, in the "Web server" tab, enable the web server and define the port and login/password :


Then, in ImperiHome, be sure to check that the "Local IP" field in the configuration wizard corresponds to the ip:port of your Kodi webserver (for example "")


In the app, you'll be able to have :

  • basic playback control : Play, pause, stop, next, previous
  • volume control : volume level, mute
  • List of music playlists from Kodi database
  • List of movies from Kodi database

For now, media browsing is not possible from the app.


Enjoy !

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