How to use the Snips App ?

From our Premium version V4.3.6, you can connect ImperiHome Android app with you snips assistant on your local WiFi network.

How to ?

1 - Activate the local API of your ImperiHome App :

Go into the settings of the app, then "General preferences", and activate the HTTP API as shown.

You can also change the default port

2 - Create a new snips assistant

Go to the snips web site and create an account. Add a new assistant (English or French)

2 - Install the ImperiHome app from the snips store:

Edit your assistant and click on "add an app"

Search in the store "ImperiHome (english)" or "ImperiHome (french)"  (by Evertygo) and add the app.

Warning :

At this step, you snips app can recognize only few devices names like light, bedroom, etc. It's a limitation of the snips techno which needs a list of words to recognize before the installation of your assistant. To customize your device name, follow instructions in the part 4.

You can also make a request to send us a list of name and we directly add them in our version of the app for everyone (but no warranty).

3 - Deployment:

Follow the instruction on the site to deploy your assistant.

During the deployment, the app ask you two parameters : the local IP of your device (where ImperiHome is installed) and the default port used by the API.

4 - Customize your app with personal device name

If you want to use personal device name, you must follow the few steps : 

a - Fork

Edit the app and "fork" it to create you own version. 


b - Edit intend

At this step you are in edit mode in your app.

You have a list of intents : each intend is a type of command/request available to interact with ImperiHome local API. In this example, we are editing the "setStatus" intent which allows to switch on/off a device.

Click on the intend to edit it

c - Edit slots type

At this step you are editing the intent. You can see at the left of the window a list of slots. A slot is a specific word which is recognize when you speech. It allow allow to understand the request. In this example of sentence, you have slots in color.

In this image, you have the slots room and device. If you want your device to be recognized by snips, it must be in the custom slot type room_name or device_name. So you must edit the slot type device_name (for example) and add you custom name. Slots type are common for all indents

d - Save and update

Don't forget to save the intent before to install/update your assistant.

5 - Others updates

For now, you have a limited list of sentences and commands. You can add you own sentence for each indent but don't forget slots for the recognition.

List of mandatory slot :

getInfo : no slot
setStatus : device (or room), status
setColor : device (or room), color
setLevel : device (or room), value
setShutter : device (or room), action
getTemp : device (or room)
getLevel : device (or room)
getStatus : device (or room)
getHum : device (or room)

You can create your app in your own language but for now ImperiHome only return English or French responses.

The actions part of the snips app is a python code available on github : . You can't create you own version or suggest us modifications.


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